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 What people say about us 

Miles Clery-Fox  Théâtre du Capitole, Toulouse.

A great teacher is master of his or her craft and helps their students progress according to individual needs. Eve Hirsch falls squarely into this category. An accomplished performer with an enviable technique enabling her to sing an extraordinary range of styles, Eve is a model professional and remarkable colleague. 

Louise Harrison  Shine Coaching, Managing Director.

Eve is a reassuring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable vocal coach.  She infuses her sessions with joy, humour and creativity whilst being honest & relevant in her advice.  She inspires through her love of music and brings a humility that belies the true immensity of her professional singing ability.  I have grown immeasurably in confidence and ability with the benefit Eve's patient and insightful support.

Pablo Valderrabano 

I’ve known Eve from the ripe age of 10 - Eve has supported me every step of the way in my musical journey and solidified the voice I have today. She is not only a teacher (though an absolute doyen of the voice), but a mentor and a friend who takes the time in understanding your voice and its needs with genuine enthusiasm. Thanks to Eve I was able to truly find my voice and take confidence and freedom in pushing the limits of what I thought I could do. Through her vocal sorcery, my voice has shifted almost an octave higher in my chest voice. I will be eternally grateful to Eve for the journey I have gone on with her and for the precious time she has dedicated in nurturing my love for singing. 

Amanda Carnell


Eve has done amazing things for our son, not only has his voice improved dramatically he has also gained so much confidence in his abilities, recently getting into the prestigious National Youth Theatre of GB. Eve adapts her teaching methods to match the student, so each lesson is tailored to the person. I cannot recommend Eve highly enough.

Rebecca Newman


Eve was a great help to me over the two years I was in London. Her teaching style is relaxed and informal but never patronising, which makes the lessons very enjoyable. I've been able to tackle many styles of song with her from classical Italian arias to a bit of Whitney!

I had already achieved grade 8 singing and was a former member of the National Youth Music Theatre when I started taking lessons from Eve, however, I had not performed for almost four years - lack of confidence and work commitments were preventing me. After less than a year with Eve I had regained that confidence. I am now back into performing and in the last 12 months I have been in two concerts, Chess The Musical, The Road at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End, sang at two weddings and have just been given the leading role in Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida. Thanks for Eve's valuable input in the past two years I know I'm more than ready for it!

Joe Hunt


After approximately 9 years of singing in various smoke saturated pubs and toilets, I personally felt that I had perfected the transformation of my voice from screaming teenage-angst growl, to, well, a more mature mid-twenty-something semi professional pub rocker vocal/croon. Minus the greasy locks and oxyclean. However, the other members of my group (think the Wedding Singer in Indie denim jackets), and our promoter, and regular (high paying) venue seemed to disagree. So, after much tentative consideration, and a couple of months voice loss, I found Eve Hirsch, albeit rather randomly on the internet, and gave vocal tuition a try for the 1st time in my (semi-professional) career. Now, possessing some what music-snobbish values, I wasn't entirely sure what an Opera Singer would be able to teach a hardened pro like me. However, little did I know. It could be a measure of my previous arrogance (or ignorance) that since taking lessons, it has completely changed the way I sing, for the better. I feel I have learned many techniques from the perhaps more obvious (hell, I never would warm up before a gig previously), to the less obvious. Face saving tips to reach the top notes consistently, breathing, countless exercises; where to start, yet, where to finish? Perhaps most significantly, I have vastly improved confidence in my singing generally. Less reverb than before please. No more hiding dodgy phrasing behind Iggy styled shapes and posturing. I feel more the singer than the front man, finally. My lessons I feel help me to relax, by discussing my shortcomings to someone else, not in my group, and getting an independent view on how or why to do/sing things. Also, the lessons are fun, and not taken overly seriously, which not only has made me feel at ease when learning, but at ease when singing, wherever and whenever that may be.

Amy Harris


Eve is very friendly, with a laid back teaching style which makes singing with her comfortable and fun. Her wide-reaching knowledge helped me expand my repetoire and try new genres, and she even helped me improve my German.

Neil Thompson


I began singing lessons with Eve with no previous experience or particular goal, only a desire to try something that I'd always wanted to do. What started as being just for fun turned into a very enjoyable educational experience, singing songs I already knew together with other styles new to me and my first attempt to read music.

With Eve's relaxed teaching style and atmosphere, I've been able to do something completely different to anything I've done before and have a great time doing it."

Michael Walby


Eve creates a friendly and approachable atmosphere; ensuring I am able to relax and perform to the best of my abilities. Her feedback is honest and constructive and represents excellent value for money. I have experienced noticeable improvements in my voice and performance following Eve’s informal tuition and guidance.



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