Courses to Suit All Needs    

  Individual Lessons     

For those students who like to work at their own pace, tailoring each lesson to fit their individual needs.  
A good choice for both advanced students working at a high level, or for beginners who are shy to sing in a group.

  Group classes             

Singing in a group is a lot of fun!  It is a good way to make new friends, get to know old ones better and to develop a sense of community.  For those on a budget it is also a more economical solution when starting out lessons. 

  5 Lesson Group          

For students who book and pay for a course of 5 lessons in advance, we offer a discount on all our individual and group course fees. Please contact us for more details.

  Custom Courses         

We offer group courses for team building, as well as individual training courses for directors and business leaders who wish to improve their presentation and performance skills, helping them to deliver their message and make an impact.  We also offer performance courses for singers and actors in stage craft and movement.  

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and we can create a bespoke course to fit your needs.